All One Family Farm /Chimacum Corner Farmstand


Chimacum Corner Farmstand / All One Family Farm are both located in the fertile Chimacum Valley in East Jefferson County.

The Corner, as we like to call it, sits at the downtown crossroads of Chimacum where State Route 19 and Center Valley Road intersects.  The four way stop and blinking light lets you know you have arrived.

This intersection, where the Corner is, has been a recent center of commerce
for about 160 years. The old general store used to sit  here.

In times long past this was a central area of gathering for the local First Nations Tribes
and is called the Heart of the Dragon.

We are blessed to live and work in a thriving agricultural community where good food
and good relations permeate daily life.

How lucky are we to have a dozen, yes a dozen, active and ecologically sensitive farmers producing an abundance of foods within a stones throw of the store?

Very, very lucky indeed!

As the owner of All One Family Farm, Rob Story spent five very successful seasons supplying wonderful, certified organic farm-direct fruit from eastern Washington and fresh veggies from the Olympic Peninsula to hundreds of eager families around the Sound.

In January 2012 Rob became the General Manager of the Corner and All One Family Farm also became part of the Corner.

Through the combining of these two food centric businesses we are set to offer a wondeful array of quality local foods, at fair prices, with old fashioned customer service with a smile!


Depending on seasonal availability, there will be an abundance of cherries, apricots, peaches, nectarines, melons, plums, pluots, tomatoes, canning tomatoes, peppers, carrots, potatoes, pears, Asian pears, apples, winter squash and more! Learn how to make a perfect split!

This wonderful food is available in bulk by pre-order with pick up at The Corner as well as on Bainbridge and in Silverdale.

For more details on the store visit us via the link below.

Off to the corner!

Many thanks!

Rob & Crew

Chimacum Corner Farmstand
9122 Rhody Drive, PO Box 8
Chimacum, WA 98325

(360) 732-0107

(360) 732-0108 fax

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